I started the Coven Models because I wanted to do things differently than most long established modeling agencies, who sometimes treat models like they’re just one of many and easily replaceable. I don’t believe in such an approach. I also don’t want to pigeonhole models, which is why you find models of different ages, experiences, genders and body shapes on the same page. 

Being extremely selective in who you choose to represent, allows you more time and resources to invest in the models you already have. And it works. My models regularly appear in the top-50 newcomers worldwide.

Creating a strong model and a lucrative career isn’t done overnight. It takes time, a lot of trials and tribulations, and patience. At The Coven Models we create a tailored approach to everyone’s specific situation. That way, it never gets too overwhelming and models know what lies ahead.

For those who read Dutch, here’s a column I wrote for LINDA.nl. 


Scouted and now what?

Only if you work in fashion do you know what it’s like to work as a model. There is a lot of confusion about what it exactly means to work as a model so we tried to answer some of the most commonly asked questions. Is something still unclear? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. One of our models gave an interview about what it’s like to be scouted and begin working as a model. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers
What does a mother agency do?​

The Coven Models is primarily a mother agency. This means we prepare our models until they are ready to work. We also accompany them to their first few jobs. We then strategise and manage their careers. They are placed with affiliated modeling agencies abroad that focus on bookings in their respective countries, while the mother agent determines whether this is the best route to take and whether the model has not already been booked for another job. Mother agents are the only ones that keep the bird’s-eye perspective on a model’s career.

What about school?

You cannot be a model for the rest of your life. Therefore, getting an education or at least relevant work experience is very important to us. Models are obligated to finish secondary school after which they could take a gap year to try out modeling. Our advice generally is to try it out for one year full time. If a successful modeling career proves viable then it is always possible to extend this year with another year or two before ultimately deciding to go back to school.

Is there an age limit?​

You can start working as a model when you are sixteen years old. A lot of clients prefer models who are eighteen years or older so it depends on the job whether a model can be booked.

What about nudity?

Our models never pose in the nude, also no partial nudity. It is expressly forbidden.

What if someone scouted is younger than 16?

Being able to pose in front of the camera or walk on 5 inch heels doesn’t happen overnight. That’s why we prefer to work with models who are younger than 16 to first train them (at no extra cost). This also allows them time to find out whether modeling is something they enjoy doing before being catapulted into the industry. When they turn 16, they’ll already be experienced and know whether they’d like to explore modeling professionally.

Can you ever say ‘no’ to a job?

Models can always refuse a job. However, once committed to doing the job, it’s extremely unprofessional to cancel, which is why we encourage our models to double check their availability and ask any questions about the job they might have that informs their decision whether to do it or not. That said, we train our models to always speak up if they feel uncomfortable during a shoot and to let us know because we will intervene immediately. They don’t ever have to do something on set they feel uncomfortable with.

Scouted by an agency abroad

Being scouted by an agency abroad may sound great, but this usually doesn’t work out well. There’s a reason why it’s preferable to have a mother agent in the country you live in. Your mother agent ensures the contracts you sign are fair and industry standard. Moreover, mother agents create custom made strategies for your launch as a model, arrange test shoots and workshops to further educate you in modeling, and accompany you to important meetings. Most reputable agencies prefer to only sign models with mother agents in their own countries.

Are all scouts trustworthy?

There are many people who don’t work in the fashion industry who pretend to be scouts. It’s wise to be very careful and to contact the agency directly to double check whether the scout really works for the agency. You can send the agency an email or a private message on Instagram also often works. 


What people say?

In our eyes, Coven Models is an excellent modeling agency. Michel Pierre has personal attention for us and is transparent and clear in his communication, what we can and cannot expect and when. He knows how to put our daughter (14) at ease and fits in well with her experience. This allows him to let young people "shine"
Nienke Klontje
Belle's mother
Both our son and daughter are registered with The Coven Models and we are very satisfied with Michel Pierre and his positive, professional guidance. He is a pleasant person to deal with, regularly arranges test shoots and catwalk masterclasses and also guides our children via Instagram.
Marloes Kooijmans
Anne & Luc's mother
I had a great experience with the agency and with Michel Pierre. They did not disappoint in any aspect. Very professional, friendly, and eager to cooperate. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs models for any kind of shooting.
Vice Prgin
casting director
In 2016 werd Nova in Amsterdam, op straat gescout door Michel Pierre. Voor haar en ons als ouders een eerste kennismaking met de (spannende) onbekende modellen wereld en met The Coven Models. Michel Pierre heeft ons tot op heden op een heel warme en persoonlijke en positieve wijze begeleid. In het development traject, wordt je heel laagdrempelig meegenomen hoe te kunnen en mogen groeien als model. Workshops, shoots en persoonlijke gesprekken worden aangeboden. School wordt als belangrijk gezien en er mogen eigen keuzes gemaakt worden. Een heel fijn bureau, met persoonlijke aandacht en betrokkenheid voor elk model.
Henk Loomans
Nova's father
Anne Sofie is in 2018 gescout als 13-jarige. Voor haar een nieuwe en spannende wereld. Maar de begeleiding door Michel Pierre is zeer goed. Hij is open en vriendelijk en stelt het belang van het model voorop. Hij is altijd bereikbaar voor vragen en geeft school de prioriteit. Anne Sofie is meerdere keren gescout, maar Coven Models geeft haar een zeer goed gevoel. Dat is het belangrijkste!
Esther Clay
anne sofie's mother
Onze dochter is sinds de zomer van 2017 bij het agentschap van Michel Pierre aangesloten en vanaf het eerste gesprek en de acties die daarna volgden zoals shoots verloopt alles ontzettend open, fijn en voor zover we dat kunnen beoordelen erg succesvol. Wij als ouders zijn er erg blij mee.
Hans Bos
juliette's father
Onze dochter Frederique is door meerdere bureau's benaderd om model te worden. Na meerdere gesprekken hebben wij voor the coven models gekozen omdat wij vanaf ons eerste gesprek een goede 'click' hadden en het gevoel hadden dat onze dochter in goede handen zou komen. En dat bleek een goede keus te zijn. Veel persoonlijke aandacht, alles gaat in overleg, veel stimulatie en heel belangrijk enorme enthousiasme. Tevens is Michel Pierre altijd bereikbaar voor onze vragen en denkt im belang van onze dochter.
Katka Lentelink
Frederique's mother
Met enige regelmaat werd dochterlief gescout, en met 14 jaar besloten we in 2015 op de uitnodiging in te gaan. Een fijn gesprek en de transparante, professionele aanpak van Michel Pierre gaf voor ons de doorslag. En zo stapte ze de modellenwereld binnen. Als vader (en pedagoog) was ik zowel nieuwsgierig als sceptisch, maar de zorgvuldige (bijzonder kindgerichte) benadering van Michel Pierre nam alle twijfels weg. Ook haar besluit (in 2018) om niet verder te gaan, kon in harmonie worden genomen. De wijze waarop Michel Pierre zich ontfermd heeft over haar heeft louter positieve ervaringen opgeleverd (en bracht onder meer een onvergetelijke week in Parijs). Dank voor de samenwerking en veel succes met The Coven Models! Hans en Yvonne
Hans Koppies
Maartje's father
I've had the pleasure of working with The Coven Models and their owner Michel Pierre Laffite from 2016 to 2018. Choosing a suiting mother agency is key for building a stable modelling career, especially when often you're still very young starting out as a model. Working with The Coven Models felt like being welcomed into a loving home, which gave both me and my family a huge feeling of trust in the work I was going to be doing. Something which I hadn't experienced that well in other agencies before.
Nicky Roding
Onze dochter Fabiënne werd op straat gescout...trots en spannend tegelijk ....maar wat nu? Een geheel onbekende wereld waarin diverse verhalen de ronde doen. Maar na een goed gesprek op kantoor met eigenaar Michel Pierre voelde wij gelijk dat onze dochter tijdens opdrachten die zouden volgen in goede handen zou zijn. Michel Pierre biedt diverse cursussen aan over het lopen op de catwalk, hoe jezelf te presenteren, op welke manier sta je het beste op de foto en natuurlijk om op een gezonde manier met je lichaam om te gaan. Heel fijn! Alle opdrachten tot nu toe zijn geweldig verlopen en Fabiënne is heel erg op haar gemak en voelt zich als een vis in het water mede dankzij Michel Pierre!
Barbara Mol
Fabiënne's mother

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